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Mary-Rose Mountford

Do you want more Energy. Focus. Clarity.

I can help you Perform at your best.

I can help you be the best version of you.

Our Mission

Coach you to become the best version of you so you can start your new life now.

Learn how you can forget diets and strict exercise regimes that leave you craving foods and lacking energy.

I’ll teach you and give you tools to eat foods that satisfy, keep moving and find a level of health and energy you did not believe possible! I’ve done it, I know you can too.

This transformation never stops, every day is a new chapter in how you can be better in every aspect of our life, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about a conversation that puts you firmly in charge at the heart of each session, these sessions are yours: You will discover the power and knowledge you have within you.

This short video explains the often asked questions about the differences between professional coaching, mentoring, consulting and therapy


Weleda have been making 100% natural skin care products for over 90 years.

Weleda only ever use natural and plant based ingredients, and they are certified by Natrue, a guarantee of the highest standards.

These amazing and lovely products are produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards so that all the products help to maintain health and wellbeing.

60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed, so, as part of looking after your health and wellbeing, choosing skincare that helps nourish and nurture is essential.

To find out more visit my Weleda advisor page.

Primal Health Coach

I am a trained and certified Primal Health Coach

Bulletproof Coach

I am a trained and certified Bulletproof Coach

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