Mary-Rose Mountford – My brief history.

Welcome to Mary-Rose Health and Nutrition.

As mum of four plus two step children and now six grandchildren, I know what health and energy is needed to make it through the day!

I struggled all my adult life with issues around food – this obsession was completely mis-placed. So concerned was I with how I looked, it never occurred to me that I could actually be damaging my health in pursuit of the perfect body and fitness.

This all came to head when I had four children under six and couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I was at the end of the road and desperate for anything that might help, I’d tried all the conventional methods, followed all the diet and exercise guidelines but I was ill, not knowing how I was going to get to the end of the day, let alone take care of my family.


I started to look at ‘alternative’ diets, dug deeper into what it meant to ‘get healthy’ and a whole world of opportunity opened up before me.


My aim is to help you recognise your potential and live the life you truly desire.

What happened next was amazing.

I shifted my thoughts away from dieting and concentrated on changing what I was eating, viewing food as either as a source of power and healing (the good stuff) or as ‘kryptonite’ (to be avoided).

I also looked at how I was exercising, examining how to look after my body, integrating nutrition and lifestyle to see things in a whole new light.

Before long I had more energy, I was able to manage my stress and looked and felt better than I could ever remember.

Importantly, this knowledge has helped me cope with being perimenopausal, a journey I have navigated and successfully managed by naturally balancing my hormones.

It became my goal to share this knowledge and help other people function at their best to enjoy life and feel fantastic.

I am now blessed to be able to say that my job is my passion, and that passion is to help you!

I have a vast wealth of knowledge, but more importantly if you are my client, I have been there, walked where you are walking and am here with empathy to make your walk easier.

By combining an Ancestral Health approach via the Primal Blueprint and being a Biohacker, thanks to being a Human Potential Coach. I bring a unique pathway to taking back control of you.

Once we look at health and nutrition in an ancestral health light we can make a solid base from which to explore your dreams and really create the reality that you want.

Do you want to put yourself in charge of your own destiny?

I know what to do to thrive and have maximum energy to achieve my goals. If you let me be your coach and advisor, together we can achieve the same for you.

I am a certified Primal Health Coach a certified Human Potential Coach and a qualified Nutritional Advisor.

My aim is to help you recognize your maximum potential and live the life you truly desire.


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