As a Douglas Adams fan, these are words I have lived by for a few decades!

I don’t think in those decades it has ever been so applicable.

We can easily fall into a fight or flight, sympathetic nervous system response to what is happening in the world right now.

Covid19 is affecting everyone. As a global community, protecting those nearest and dearest and the vulnerable should be our top priority along with preparing yourself for becoming infected. 

Here is what I am doing:

  • Trying to stay calm, stress is an immune suppressor. 
  • When you are in fight or flight other systems shut down. I know it might sound silly, but constantly bombarding your brain with worry about what’s happening fires up your amygdola! 
  • Your amygdola is your ‘survival’ brain, it will take you into fight or flight in order to keep you alive! 

Some tips for bringing you back into parasympathetic mode and stress management:

  • Try box breathing; in for 4/hold for 4/out for 4/hold for 4 repeat a few times.
  • Even 5 minutes of meditation can improve your state of mind. A simple way is to sit quietly and comfortably and concentrate on counting from 1-10 repeatedly. In this way you lose track of other thoughts that may be stressing you out.
  • Think positive – for every negative thought you have, think of something positive this means you don’t enter a negative spiral of thoughts.

I’m actively boosting my immune system.

  • On Chris Kresser’s podcast about coronavirus with Dr. Ramzi Asfour (infectious disease specialist). He introduced me to this mix of botanicals:

    • 3 parts Cordyceps. Cordyceps are fungus known for their ability to help with ATP production and antioxidant qualities
    • 2 parts Angelica sinensis which can help regulate immune function and blood circulation
    • 1 part rhodiola helps improve immune function, fights fatigue and helps alleviate stress ( I have been taking Rhodiola for a few years now)
    • 1 part astragalus this root may help boost your bodies manufacture of white blood cells and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation
  • Taking a mix of mushrooms in dried or tincture form
  • Daily dose of Vitamin D3, K2, selenium and increased levels of vitamin C (I will up my vitamin C at the first sign of illness)
  • Eating foods to strengthen my gut:
    • Fermented foods
    • Pro and prebiotic yogurt
    • Organ meat
    • Vegetables
  • Avoiding foods that will mess with my immune function and gut health
    • Sugar
    • Processed food
    • Industrial seed oils
    • Grains
  • Ensuring a good nights sleep
    • Making sure my sleep hygiene is up to scratch (see previous blog ‘on the importance of sleep’)
    • Magnesium before bed
    • Consistent going to bed timing and routine
    • Setting my circadian clock properly in the morning with sunlight and fresh air!

I hope you can all stay calm and safe, and remember that you can influence your immune system!