Back to work? Back into routine?

I’m guessing that you have spent the last few days contemplating what the new year will hold, what might change, what you can change and where you can ‘improve’.

What if you could reframe your thoughts into long term, positive change?

It’s all too easy after Christmas to think about ‘negative’ change that will drain us of willpower and leave us feeling like failures by the end of January!

As a Health Coach this really is my area of expertise!

Here’s my alternative for you:

🌟 Reframe your thoughts. 

  • For instance: Thinking you need to drop a few pounds to feel better about yourself is short term thinking.
  • If you want to lose weight, find your long term “Why?”, ‘I want to stop feeling bloated and hormonal so that I can be the best human being that I can’. Instantly your losing a few pounds is secondary to a much bigger picture, instead of having a narrow obsession with the scales, you see other, more life affirming gains.

🌟 Small steps. I can’t state this strongly enough

  • Once you have your bigger goal, taking small steps on the path are much easier than setting yourself up for failure by going all out.
  • The classic example here would be caloric restriction. The number of people joining a weight loss club based on caloric restriction will soar during the 1st few weeks of the new year, but they rely on willpower, something that is a limited resource (and it will set you up for a lifetime of yoyo dieting, but that’s a different blog!) Don’t waste it!
  • A great small step to improving your diet is to week by week shorten your feeding window, cutting it by an hour a week (say from a 14 hour – the average – to a 10 hour feeding window in a month) will have dramatic effects on your health, you’ll feel so much better, actually increase willpower (to use on more important things) and effortlessly lose weight.
  • Add the ‘ten-minute walk’ rule to your life. Try to walk for ten minutes after you eat. This stimulates your body to burn, rather than store what you have eaten and sends powerful signals to your body and brain that you are ready for anything.
  • If you’re sat at your desk and feel discouraged, sleepy or lethargic get up and do anything you can to get the right signals back on track. If you can walk for 10 minutes, fab, but even if you just walk around the office and do some stretching your body and brain will thank you!
  • Practice gratitude before you get out of bed in the morning think of one thing to be thankful for – the very fact that you’re able to get out of bed is a great place to start. 

🌟 Why not come on board and let me help you reframe your thoughts into positively moving forward and incorporated tailor-made small steps that will leave you will feeling so much better, you’ll feel the need to be even more awesome! 

Engaging with a Health Coach is a great way to help you move forward and be the best version of you!

I’m your number one fan and advocate, in your corner to cheer you on and point you in the right direction when you need me to! 

Whatever you want to achieve in 2020 having me to guide you through your food and lifestyle choices is what will make the difference to your success – 80% of how you perform will be based on your food choices. I’ve studied what a ‘healthy’ diet really is, and I can show you.

By upgrading your diet and by making small lifestyle changes, I can help you live better.

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