Let me be clear (and possibly seem mad to some of you) I’m not even half way through my life yet! As a biohacker and researcher into longevity I believe I can live to 120, more importantly I can live well, then drop dead. My mission: to see my teens again and live them to the fullest!

Many Sunday supplements are taken up with articles titled ‘if your younger self could see you now’ or ‘advice to my teenage self’

I understand the impulse here and often think about it, but for me it’s actually quite painful.

Please don’t get me wrong, this is not a moan and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change anything about the friends I made; (some!) of the nights out (there were too many with hindsight – see below 😂); and the places I’ve been and seen. But, and it’s a fairly big ‘but’, it was all grounded in insecurity, self hate and victimhood.

I was taught to believe I would not amount to anything and that I was destined to failure, I was ugly and unimportant.Okay that’s the self pity out of the way! 

As a teenager I had no thought that I would even make 50 and led my life accordingly.

My life changed in my early to mid twenties when I fell in love and realised that if someone was capable of loving me back, maybe I wasn’t so bad and I could see a future.

I stumbled on through my late 20’s and 30’s trying to look after myself, but certainly not achieving it! I had 4 children in 5 1/2 years whilst trying super hard to keep ‘fit’. It all came crashing down when my youngest about 2 and I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, this systemic dysfunction was followed by a series of traumatic family crisis that were all consuming and basically left me physically and mentally broken.


So here’s the good news and here’s how I’m going to live to 120!

I found Mark Sisson about 12 years ago – I couldn’t believe it was true though, eating all the fatty foods I wanted and loose weight and gain energy? Anyway, I kind of took it on board but not fully, the important point is that it was a turning point because I started to believe that there could be another way. There was hope! 

The other way was cemented when I discovered Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof Diet. 

He was telling me that my health was in my hands, everything I put in my body made it what it was – I could make it a powerful body with a  brain that worked at full capacity or a ‘middle aged’ sluggish body and brain.

In 2016 I had a life changing weekend in London when I joined only the second cohort in the world to train as a Bulletproof Coach (now know as Human Potential Coach). It was an intense weekend of self growth – this was definitely biohacking for the brain. 

Here I need to thank Dr Mark Atkinson who I hold responsible for removing me from victimhood.

I had choices to make, as he said I would: would I go home and be in the same habits and mindset? Or would I make a conscious choice to make new decisions about how I reacted to events and people around me. I was not the sum of my past but the choices I made in every given moment.

My family noticed and instant change in me, I was not the same person.

I loved what Bulletproof had given me, I became a biohacker and a pretty darn good coach. 

But I didn’t really enjoy being a ‘life’ coach because I wanted to shout from the roof tops that if you weren’t eating right you were never going to optimise your genetics and transform your way of being.

I circled back around to Mark Sisson, who by then had developed the ‘Primal Health Coach’ program. To take this course was the best decision of my life. It is filled with the science of why Primal eating and  removing yourself from the western paradigm, was the way to body and mind health, I lapped it up and ran with it!

All I want to do now is tell the world, help the world and share my knowledge.

I was never a ‘fit’ person – so obsessed was I with weight that it never occurred to me that I was actually damaging my health by eating a low fat high carb diet full of PUFA’s. I was not strong and felt old.

Now I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. Body strength measurables like push ups, pull ups and planks are far beyond what I ever thought I’d be doing. My brain is clear and quick thinking, something I don’t even notice until I have a bit of brain fog that reminds me of what it used to feel like.

 I make a point of all sorts of small things like getting up off the floor without using my hands, doing things that my children and grandchildren are doing. I never say ‘I can’t do that anymore’,  I determinedly give everything a go. 

I feel mentally the same as I did years ago (It’s a mindset thing)  – but now I have a purpose! It’s fantastic.

As I feel reflective and look back, I can realise that what I went through and my reaction to it, made me who I am today. It makes me an empathetic coach who desires nothing more than to help others see the changes I have: A sharpe brain: No inflammation in body or mind and a zest for life that I would never have believed possible in my 30’s!

I study at the cutting edge of health and nutrition, learning every day and never taking anything for granted. 

My life is my work. I remember in my late teens and early twenties being obsessed with a Cindy Crawford workout video (occasionally I will do it as a reminder!) and thinking, ‘It’s all very well and good for her, it’s her job to look like that’.

Well guess what? Now it’s my job, I’ve come full circle.

I’m so blessed. Surrounded by a loving family and my job is my passion, every transformation is another victory for us all. 🖤