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Client Testimonials

Laura, in my 40’s

Whenever I ask a question about my diet, Mary-Rose is awesome.  She has a vast knowledge base and if something obscure comes up she’ll thoroughly research it, and because she is so dedicated and has so much interest in finding answers, I trust what she tells me.

I’ve been on a high fat low carb diet for 2 years (because I was desperate for positive change), and Mary Rose has supported me with encouragement, information and techniques for relaxation throughout.   Before I changed to this way of eating life was overwhelming and exhausting.  I felt depressed and sad no matter how much therapy I had.  Nothing in my life changed other than my diet and yet I suddenly had loads of energy, positivity and excitement about life.  I lost loads of weight and I felt clear headed.  This effect has continued ever since.

Mary-Rose has coached me for two years and in the beginning her help was particularly for moral support, information and encouragement. Her guidance and help through this transition period was crucial and nothing was ever too much trouble.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She is truly passionate and knowledgeable about health, and totally dedicated to sharing that knowledge with others.


Around 15 years go. I was diagnosed with gout in a mild form which surfaced infrequently and was manageable with pain killers if and when it occurred. Gradually the frequency of the attacks increased to such a level that opiate pain killers and trophi or crystal dissolving drugs where prescribed by my GP.

At the onset I would take the pain killers and crystal reducing drugs which would reduce the immediate issue but unfortunately generate some side effects.

The crystal storage within the joints causes erosion and severe pain. If not removed they will restrict movement and eventually seriously debilitate. For myself, active in sport and fitness, this would have had a significant negative effect on my quality of life.

On one occasion, I visited a muscular skeletal specialist with a joint problem. They informed me that the drugs I had been prescribed to deal with my gout are, and I quote, ‘nasty with serious side effects and should be taken as infrequently as possible’.

My GP the other hand continued to prescribe me with repeat prescriptions despite my concern and eventually prescribed a daily tablet as well as those already prescribed for acute attacks. The attacks were now weekly.

As this point my GP also told me to completely change my lifestyle – vegetable and fruit diet, no meat, no alcohol, no processed food. My diet was reasonable at this time so the changes I had to make where small. I was also still active and fit. 

Although this did help to a small degree it also reduced many of life’s pleasures for me and, at the same time, the gout was starting to affect my social activities in particularly participation on various sporting activities.

In general conversation with Paul Mountford, a work colleague and friend, I mentioned the gout issue. He immediately told me to email his wife Mary-Rose Mountford, who was very know gable about diet, food types, causes and effects and symptoms associated with certain types of food groups. By this time I had almost given up on resolution as far as the gout was concerned and had accepted the fact that I would be on daily tables for general treatment and strong pain killers and rapid acting gout crystals tablets for the rest of my life – what did I have to loose

Following my email to Mary- Rose and her considered, educated, pragmatic, simple and detailed response I decided to implement her solution. The solution did not involve any drugs at all just normal off the shelf food groups which are part of anyone’s normal shopping regime.

The gout attacks tailed off very quickly, within one year I had negated the use of the powerful opiate pain killers and rapid gout acting crystals, and within 18 months, I had stopped taking the daily Uric Acid regulating tablets. Now, almost four years later during which time I haven’t had one gout attack, I can eat a normal balanced diet including small amounts of meat and alcohol, I can exercise without joint pain and most importantly have a social life where I can interact with others and enjoy the same pleasures – a drink and some nice food without worrying about the consequences.

The advice has actually saved me money on prescriptions, improved my health long term – I’m not taking drugs with significant side effects and I’m pain free (gout is extremely painful).

In summary all I can say is Mary-Rose has changed my life immeasurably for the better, I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone who needs dietary advice to assist reducing or mitigating health issues. I can’t thank the Mountford’s enough and my family and myself will forever be in their debt – we all benefit because my health is so much better.


I had been searching for a different lifestyle direction for a while, but I had not pinned down the way to achieve it on way own, which is where Mary Rose came in.

I was lucky enough to begin working with this incredibly well informed practitioner this year where we began our sessions by talking about my main ambitions and goals.

This very quickly progressed to Mary Rose stripping out the ‘big’ goals and finding the underlying problems/anxieties that blocked my path to these ‘goals’. She was astute, empathetic and incredibly well informed and quite often had me in tears as I began to unravel my real issues.

I believe in processes, paths and journeys and Mary Rose is incredible at putting you on these, with her support all the way through.

She is able to identify issues, both physical and emotional that may be holding you back. She is then able to adjust, change, suggest different approaches and support you through your transformation.

If you are willing to be honest, open and brave about where you want your life to go, then I would recommend this woman to all of you!

I have been able to overcome emotional blocks to furthering my career, to take risks to actually change my career and fulfil lifelong ambitions, work on reducing crippling migraines, cope with menopausal symptoms, analyse dreams, reduce medication taken for asthma and eczema. Practice breathing and calming techniques…the list is endless!

If you’re looking to make a change and are willing to put the time and effort that change requires, then you would be in safe hands with Mary Rose. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thank you!

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